About Pastorbluejeans


I am a Child of God, husband, father, son, and an Ordained Elder in the UMC. My passion is Jesus, people and community.

I believe that God’s love and grace are all that we need and because of that we are free. However that freedom for me comes with responsilbility and as I struggle to assume that responsibility you will here read all about my journey.


One thought on “About Pastorbluejeans

  1. There are many LOST sheep in the world, and they need a strong Shepard to guide them… Thank You for keeping up the FAITH… I was raised a catholic and have raised my children to believe as well, but somewhere along the way they have lost there faith… In your teachings… what do you recommend to the LOST souls who want to come back, but are afraid of the LIGHT of Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior ! Special Note: Please promote my site, TY @http://castillocapital.org/xplocial with your parishioners
    Money is Not the root of all EVIL — Its what you do with Money that determines its fate… Donate to the Needy and MONEY will always be used for GOOD!

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