Measure Twice…Cut Once

A friend asked me the other day why we used “the Rent song” at church on my last Sunday in Glassboro. I simply had to smile because there was no easy answer to that question. I am unabashedly a musical fan and that song from Rent has been one of my favorites since the first time that I have heard it sung. Add to that the powerful lyrics and the answer becomes a simple, “how could we not use the song?” Preparing to end one chapter of ministry and begin another has had me asking myself time and time again. “How do you measure – measure a year?”

I have been measuring it by thinking of the smiles on young children’s faces as they receive Christmas gifts or find a hidden Easter egg. I measure it in costumed children and adults invading the church parking lot for trunk or treat. I measure it with the look on a teacher’s face as we provide a piece of equipment that the school district was unable to give them. I measure it with the sounds of babies filling the sanctuary in the contemporary worship service. I measure it in tears that I have shed in the time of transition that Ginny and I have been going through.  I measure it in laughs we have shared with friends in gatherings over the last few months. I measure it in lives transformed by the power of the Holy Spirit in our midst. 

Now as I sit in a coffee shop in Ocean City, the question needs answering once again. How will I measure this time? What will be the measuring stick used as I look at this time. I think once again it will be about a transformed community and radically changed lives. So each day becomes a chance to share love and show love. Each moment becomes an opportunity to show the world what Jesus means to me. Each minute is a chance to enjoy all that God has provided and to help others find ways to do the same thing. 

I can’t wait to get started!   


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