End scene?

empty chair

Today’s Reading John 17-21

Today is the 40th day of our 40 day NT Reading Challenge. If you have followed us through, well done. hopefully you have grown closer to Jesus during this time. If you are like me, you have noticed something in the scripture that you have not seen before. It happens. We have been hearing and reading these stories since we were little children. If we are not careful they become background noise.

Yet, if you take the time and read them again and I mean really read them something happens. You are drawn to the Messiah in a new and powerful way. It is not something you need to go to seminary to understand or have someone else who went to seminary explain it to you. No, it is plain as can be.

You are loved.

God sent his son for you. The New Testament, just like the Old Testament is a love letter from God to you. It tells of a powerful and sacrificial love. A love that changed everything and continues to do just that.

We are at the end of that letter and perhaps wondering is this all? Is it over? What do I do now.

Well it seems pretty clear to me that now comes the fun part. It is time to get up and go live out that love with the world. It is the day before Easter after all. We are getting ready to celebrate a radical love that is found in the emptiness of the tomb. How cool is that?

Go have fun sharing the story of Jesus. Go have fun telling people who changed your life. Invite a friend to church tomorrow. Don’t just sit there! It is time to get up and tell the world!


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