Everywhere? Yup



Today’s Reading Acts 23-28

I haven’t found the place…yet. I have been to Alaska, Israel, and through the Panama Canal and I didn’t find the place there. I have been to Ft. Ord, California and Ft. Sill, Oklahoma and it wasn’t there either. I have been to vacation spots like Aruba and cruise ports like St. Thomas and it wasn’t there either.  Recently, being a pastor has brought me to a few different settings in New Jersey and the place wasn’t at any of those.

I can keep looking, I guess, or I can accept the reality of the situation. The reality? There is nowhere on earth that I can go or God can send me that someone doesn’t need to hear the story. It is that simple. I need to be a storyteller.

I once took a class on storytelling in seminary. It was fascinating as we listened to each other, each with our own style. I learned there are many ways to tell a story that semester. It was encouraging. It was not simply a one size fits all type of reality.  That was a good thing.

I was reminded of the need to be a storyteller as I finished up the Book of Acts this morning. Paul finds himself a prisoner in Rome and even there he can’t wait to find an opportunity to tell folks about Jesus. He doesn’t whine about the unfair nature of his arrest. He doesn’t accuse his persecutors of wrong doing. He doesn’t appeal to the Romans for release. He just uses each situation as a chance to share sho Jesus is and how Jesus has changed him.

What faith! What courage! What a storyteller!

I need to do better. I need to learn to tell that story in new ways and in all places. I need to share that story with my hands, feet, and voice.

I want to be a story teller…everywhere. How about you?


We are in Day 29 of a 40 day read through the New Testament challenge today. The first 30 days of readings are listed below.

***End Note ***

First 30 Days of Reading
Day 1 – Ash Wednesday
Mark 1-4

Thursday Day 2 – Mark 5-8

Friday Day 3 Mark 9-12

Saturday Day 4 Mark 13-16


 Monday Day 5 1 & 2 Thessalonians

Tuesday Day 6 Galatians

Wednesday  Day 7  Philippians & Colossians

Thursday Day 8 Philemon & Ephesians

Friday Day 9 Matthew 1-7

Saturday Day 10 Matthew 8-12


Monday Day 11 Matthew 13-18

Tuesday Day 12 Matthew 19-24

Day 13 Wednesday Matthew 25-28

Thursday Day 14 1 Corinthians 1-9

Friday Day 15 1 Corinthians 10-16

Saturday Day 16 2 Corinthians 1-13


Monday Day 17 Romans 1-8

Tuesday Day 18 Romans 9-16

Wednesday Day 19 Luke 1-3

Thursday Day 20 Luke 4-7

Friday Day 21 Luke 8-11

Saturday Day 22 Luke 12-16


Monday Day 23 Luke 17-21

Tuesday Day 24 Luke 22-24

Wednesday Day 25 Acts 1-6

Thursday Day 26 Acts 7-10

Friday Day 27 Acts 11-16

Saturday Day 28 Acts 17-22


Today Day 29 Monday Day 29 Acts 23-28

Tuesday Day 30 1 & 2 Timothy and Titus


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