Detour through Paradise


I had plans and I had dreams. I remember playing Little League baseball and thinking one day I am going to be the starting first baseman for the Phillies. In my head it was a given. However, as I got older things happened. One of the first things that happened was when I got to High School, I was no longer the best first baseman that I knew. Welcome to my first detour in life.

It wouldn’t be the last detour that I faced. I have had various plans throughout my life and all of them haven’t been as pie in the sky as my Phillies plan. Yet, many of those plans ran into their own detours along the way. I would regroup and make plans and it would happen again and again. Detour after detour. It would seem as if I shouldn’t make any plans at all but I keep doing it.

I took solace in this as I read today’s selection from Romans, especially this piece from Romans 15. Paul wanted to go to Rome. This was his plan and his heart. He had a message to share with the people. Yet, God keep placing something else on his heart. Situations kept arising where Paul could not follow though with this plan. Paul could have rolled up his tent and went home but he didn’t. He kept going and sharing God’s message wherever he found himself. He pressed on.

The detours for Paul became a blessing for him and for the people he encountered. What a reminder! Think of all the people whose life were changed because Paul followed the detour that the Holy Spirit placed before him. So don’t sweat the detours, keep your eyes open for the blessings God has in store. Use the opportunity each detour gives you to experience life in unexpected ways.


We are in Day 18 of a 40 day read through the New Testament challenge today. The first 21 days of readings will be listed at the end of this post

***End Note ***

Todays Reading Romans 9-16

First 21 Days of Reading
Day 1 – Ash Wednesday
Mark 1-4

Thursday Day 2 – Mark 5-8

Friday Day 3 Mark 9-12

Saturday Day 4 Mark 13-16


 Monday Day 5 1 & 2 Thessalonians

Tuesday Day 6 Galatians

Wednesday  Day 7  Philippians & Colossians

Thursday Day 8 Philemon & Ephesians

Friday Day 9 Matthew 1-7

Saturday Day 10 Matthew 8-12


Monday Day 11 Matthew 13-18

Tuesday Day 12 Matthew 19-24

Day 13 Wednesday Matthew 25-28

Thursday Day 14 1 Corinthians 1-9

Friday Day 15 1 Corinthians 10-16

Saturday Day 16 2 Corinthians 1-13


Monday Day 17 Romans 1-8

Today Tuesday Day 18 Romans 9-16

Wednesday Day 19 Luke 1-3

Thursday Day 20 Luke 4-7

Friday Day 21 Luke 8-11


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