Say Amen


New Testament Reading Challenge Day 8

Today’s Reading Philemon and Ephesians


We are in Day 8 of a 40 day read through the New Testament challenge today. The first 14 days of readings will be listed at the end of this post

***End Note ***

Have you ever found yourself sitting in the driveway in your car and not remembering where you are supposed to be going? Perhaps you are at work and on your computer preparing to send an email and forgetting who you were supposed to be sending it to. Maybe you have found yourself on the phone but as soon as they answer you forget who you were calling. I would suggest that we have all been guilty of some if not all of these.

We go through life and rush around but aren’t ready and haven’t prepared for what we are doing. We go from one item to another on a to do list without spending the time to focus in on what actually needs to be done. These things happen because we have prioritized the wrong things. We have chosen to Just getting things done as opposed to doing things correctly.

I was thinking of that as I was reading this morning especially this selection from the book of Ephesians. Paul is very clear what he desires, he is encouraging people to pray at all times for all things. Doing this is what helps us focus on doing things correctly because it will help us clear our minds and focus in on who and what God is pointing us towards. Starting our day and filling our day with prayer is what we need. it is what we were created to do.

We live in a world where we are led to believe that we are all self-sufficient and Paul is reminding the Ephesians and US that is not the case. We need to be in communion with God. Our minds need to be made aware of the need to connect with God and pray for ourselves and the world around us. Prayer is the way we are reminded daily that we are part of something larger than ourselves.

Before you get in your car today, pray. When you get in your car, pray. Just pray.


First 14 Days of Reading
Day 1 – Ash Wednesday
Mark 1-4

Thursday Day 2 – Mark 5-8

Friday Day 3 Mark 9-12

Saturday Day 4 Mark 13-16


 Monday Day 5 1 & 2 Thessalonians

Tuesday Day 6 Galatians

Wednesday  Day 7  Philippians & Colossians

Today Thursday Day 8 Philemon & Ephesians

Friday Day 9 Matthew 1-7

Saturday Day 10 Matthew 8-12


Monday Day 11 Matthew 13-18

Tuesday Day 12 Matthew 19-24

Wednesday Matthew 25-28


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