Cleaning up some things


New Testament Reading challenge Day 2

Today’s Reading Mark 5-8


We are in Day 2 a 40 day read through the New Testament challenge today. The first seven days of readings will be listed at the end of this post

***End Note ***

I am not sure how many times that my mom cleaned off my face with spit and a thumb. I had a reputation as a messy eater, and it is a reputation that I have not outgrown according to my wife, so I am sure the number of cleanings was very high. It also must be something that we have happen to us and then we perform on our own children. I can remember a few occasions using that same cleaning technique on my own kids.

It is a very hands on approach to cleaning off someone’s face for sure. You don’t do it if you are afraid of getting your hands a little dirty. You don’t do this to a complete stranger. There is a certain familiarity that is attached to this act. I am not cleaning dirt off the face of a complete stranger like this.

I was reminded of these spit cleanings while I read today’s selection from the Gospel of Mark   A blind man was brought to Jesus in Bethsaida. Jesus was asked/begged to heal the man. Jesus takes the man by the hand and leads him out-of-town and does the most amazing thing. He does the spit clean! Well not exactly but he uses his own spit and then touches the man and heals him. Now there is more to the story, of course, and lots of “deep theology” that can be spoken about but c’mon! This is an incredible story.

Jesus does the familiar with a person he does not know. He connects with this person in a very personal and some would say base way. For what purpose? Jesus wanted to bring this man transformation. The power of human touch is a powerful but often overlooked thing in our world today. Jesus, once again, reminds us of the need for and the effectiveness of human touch.

How many times do we shy away from people and isolate ourselves? How many times have we judged someone because of who they are or how the appear to us? The actions of Jesus are a reminder to us of what really matters and that we need to do all we can to connect to each other.

Find a way to do that today. Connect with someone. Be like Jesus.

Day 1 – Ash Wednesday
Mark 1-4

Today Thursday Day 2 – Mark 5-8

Friday Day 3 Mark 9-12

Saturday Day 4 Mark 13-16


Monday Day 5 1 & 2 Thessalonians

Tuesday Day 6 Galatians

Wednesday Day 7 Philippians & Colossians



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