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Exodus Challenge Day 40

What’s next? We have come to the end of this part of the journey together. I am not sure how many, if any, of you read though the entire book of Exodus with me. Perhaps you read bits of it or maybe today is the first time that you joined in. It doesn’t matter, welcome.  The question that I wrestle with now is what happens next. 40 days, 40 chapters.

However, at my core, I think that truly may be a problem for many of us. We think about what happens next. I barely made it through the final chapter of today’s reading and I was already thinking about what I would write about tomorrow. I decided to read the 40th chapter again and there I saw my answer.

It was after the tabernacle was finished. All the pieces had been put together. the altars had been arranged and the priests had been cleaned up.The courtyard had been set up. It was after the anointing oil was used. Things were all in place and then it happened. The presence of the Lord filled the tabernacle and the Hebrew people saw it and just waited. There was no need to rush anywhere they had all that they needed. They were able to enjoy God’s presence.

Too often, rushing to the next thing we miss the current thing. We miss the laughs, tears, frustrations, and celebrations. We miss the struggles and the successes. Most importantly at all we miss seeing and experiencing God at that moment.

So today, there is no thinking about what is next. Today, I am going to enjoy the moment and enjoy God.


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