Exodus Reading Challenge Day 39

It is early on Friday morning, the car is packed and it is almost time to head back to New Jersey. Over the last 30 days I have been on an educational leave that has taken me to Charlotte, Cape Coral, Clermont, Philadelphia, Ocean City, and back to Clermont. It has not been exactly the 30 days that I had planned. I got a lot of things accomplished. I got a lot of planning done.

I came down to Florida with the idea that the sermon planning and worship planning would be all geared toward my ministry in Glassboro. My plans were altered quite a bit 2 weeks ago when I was informed that the Bishop and cabinet had other plans for me. As I sit here this morning with my coffee, I can’t help but think that God has hand in this from the beginning.

My ministry setting will be changing in July, so a lot of what was planned will now be altered a bit for a new context. Yet, I find myself confident that God knew that. God has been walking alongside of me this whole time and simply has been asking me to be faithful. Just do the work that I was called to do and let God take care of the rest.

This morning’s reading from Exodus is a reminder of just that to me. Moses and the Hebrews had been listening to God and the instructions given to them. They had been faithful in the creation of the Tabernacle and the various other pieces needed. They were not exactly sure what God had in store for them next but they stayed faithful to the task given to them.

God wants the same for us. Stay faithful to the call that God has given us. We are never sure God will use our faithfulness in the place or situation. The task that we are invited in will be used as a blessing by God even if we don’t see it or understand how. Just stay faithful.

The job you are given may be done but rest assured, God is not done with you yet! Just stay faithful.



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