Keep Out!?!


Exodus Reading Challenge 38

Last night we went on a Sunset Airboat ride. It was an amazing experience, gliding over the water with the wind and a little water on my face. The captain of the boat was funny and engaging and gave us some nature lessons and helped us identify some birds that we encountered. We saw several bald eagles, ibises, and herons to name a few. It was so relaxing and the water seemed so welcoming and then it happened.

We slowed down on the boat and eased closer and there it was…about a 5 years old alligator. The picture on this post is the picture that I took of this magnificent creature. It was seemingly not concerned about us as we approached it and then eventually gracefully swam away. The water that once seemed so welcoming now needed to be looked at a little differently.

I relived that experience as I read the chapter from Exodus this morning. One could imagine that the tabernacle as a very impressive and welcoming looking place. The care that was used to build it and the materials used to construct it would add to the allure. Yet, reading about the courtyard was a reminder.

When the people went into the courtyard to give their offering to place on the burnt offering altar they would see the inner tents, the holy place. They would be reminded of God’s powerful presence. the people would remember that God was in this place and the offering they were giving mattered. They needed to approach this with honor and reverence.

How easy it is to go through the motions in worship sometimes. We have so much on our minds and such busy lives. We show up to “put in our time” yet forget that we are there to encounter the Living God. We need to approach God in an attitude of worship and reverence. God is powerful and grace filled, God is calling us to gather together and worship. Abandon our fears, doubts, and anger and focus on God. Are you ready to jump into the water…and worship God?



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