Hands Down


Exodus Reading Challenge Day 37

I have a confession to make. It is not easy but I just have to do it. Are you ready? Ok here it is…I get a manicure! Ok there I said it. It is over now. I know for some of you it is no big deal but I also know that some of you may give me some grief the next time that you see me. 

I have a friend who used to always talk about getting them but it never appealed to me and then I tried it! It was fantastic. I try not to go more than a few weeks without getting one. I like my hands to be cared for. In my head, I justify it because now my hands look nice when I hand out communion in worship. A weak argument but one I used for a while.

So, if I care about my hands being cared for so much than why do I use a picture of someone with dirty fingernails and calloused hands? I thought about those type of hands while I read today’s chapter in Exodus. The construction has begun on the table, Ark of the Covenant, and lamp stand among other things. The skilled workers were doing hat they were gifted at. They were serving God.

Well my well manicured hands can’t do any type of construction, In fact, my wife often lets my church folk know that I am forbidden to use power tools. She things I am dangerous. I can’t do that type of service but there is so much that I can and try to do. Getting my hands dirty is nothing that I am afraid of while doing the work of God in the community. there is so many ways to use my hands, feet, heart, and brain to share the love of God and show compassion and concern and love in the world.

So no matter what your hands look like or even if you have hands, please know that there is service for you. God wants you in the community. Get busy ,it is one of the greatest feelings in the world to be part of a community and share God’s story in many ways.

Hands down!


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