Bottomless cup


Exodus Reading Challenge Day 36

I love sitting in a Starbucks with my laptop and a big cup of coffee. the firs taste of coffee  is so good. It is also a very productive environment for me to get work done. I enjoy the atmosphere and engaging with the employees that you get to know after a while. However, I REALLY like the coffee. I just enjoy knowing that no matter how long I am going to be there that a new cup of coffee is a few steps away.

In fact, I will not ever empty the coffee reserve at Starbucks there will alway be more. So I leave Starbucks knowing that the coffee supply is safe for my next visit. I was thinking of Starbucks this morning as I read from Exodus. the Hebrews were told to bring their offering so that the work of the Tabernacle could begin. the response from the people was so overwhelming that Moses had to tell the people that they had enough and not to bring anymore.

What a wonderful thing to read, this response to God’s blessing. the people responded from gratitude…finally. They, for a moment, realized how far God had brought them and their need for God. They weren’t worried about “what will happen if I give all this?” They weren’t concerned about anything they wanted to respond from love, faith, and hope.

There has been many blessings that God has given me. I have had a great life and yet at times I struggle as well. I struggle with what is “enough”. I struggle with balance. I struggle with resources. I struggle with my gifts. As I re-read the chapter again this morning, I am humbled by the Hebrews response. I am reminded that God’s grace is never-ending. I the well will never run dry. In fact, Starbucks coffee supply will shut its doors one day and god will still be giving and loving because that is who God is. there is no need for fear and no need for doubt.

Just grab another cup of coffee and give thanks to God. Now that’s good.


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