It is tough sometimes


Exodus Reading Challenge Day 34

Let’s be perfectly clear, life can be unpredictable. This is often both a good and a bad thing. Things happen that we do not expect and we learn to adapt and move on if we want to grow. What do you do when everything goes your way? What do you do when nothing seems to go your way? The answers to these question matter, they matter a lot.

There is nothing that we accomplish in this world in isolation. There are people who have surrounded us that have assisted in many different ways and that is important to remember. There are people who have walked alongside us in the darkest of days and been there with us throughout them all.

What do you do when everything goes your way? What do you do when nothing seems to go your way?  I was really thinking of these two questions when I read the Exodus chapter this morning. Moses was being told by God once again that things were going to go well. They were going to see the power and love of God on full display. yet, it came with a warning:

“Be very careful never to make a treaty with the people who live in the land where you are going.”

If we stop there is would seem bizarre of God to say such a thing. Isn’t peace exactly what God wants for us and we need? So let us not stop there and keep reading, God then says this:

“if you do, you will follow their evil ways and be trapped.”

Ok, see this makes more sense to me.

God’s warning is about our very human nature. God knows that if we forget who we are we will get into trouble. Make no mistake it will always be easier to give in to the world than to follow Jesus. It will always be easier to take a shortcut than to do the right thing. It will always be easier to give in to the crowd than to follow the word of God.

The Israelites were heading to the Promised Land, the goal was in sight they believed. Things were going to get tough and when they did God wanted them to remember that God had walked with them through the good and the bad. God had never left them alone and they had gotten to this point with the strength that comes from God and community.

It would have been so easy for them to forget that and God wanted them to hold fast. God wants the same thing for you and I. Hold fast when things are choppy and seemingly out of control. God is there with us. Hold fast when there seemingly is no sense of the world because with God all things will be made right. Be faithful when things go well because they didn’t go well on their own, God was there through it all making the rough waters smooth.

Hold fast to God. Hold fast to your community. God has a great plan for us all. We just have to be faithful. Are you ready?


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