1 Question


Exodus Reading Challenge Day 33

Really simple…

1 Question…

Answer it and a lot will become clearer…

Get ready…

Here it is…

What do you need?

Seems simple enough doesn’t it? I mean we all need some basic things: food, shelter, job. We need friends, community, love. These are the basics, right? Yet, it doesn’t really seem to answer the question completely. So let me ask you again:

What do you need?

Perhaps it is a new car, bigger house, a much deserved vacation? Maybe it is a big screen television for the Super Bowl. Yet, even that seems as if it is not exactly answering the question, so let me ask on final time:

What do you need?

Moses was faced with this question as well in today’s reading of Exodus. God’s vision for Moses and the people was to lead them to the Promised Land, a “land flowing with milk and honey”. God had taken them from bondage into freedom and yet for Moses that wasn’t enough. Moses needed God. If God did not go with them, Moses did not want to go.

What do you need?

Are you like Moses? No matter what is happening good or bad, do you still know that you are incomplete without God near you? It truly is that simple. We need God in our lives. We need to continue connecting with God each day. Praying, reading, worshipping. We need God.

I need God…now more than ever. I need God.





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