Why not?


Exodus Reading Challenge

I was at a conference recently at Grace church in Cape Coral, Florida.  At Grace church they are determined to make sure that their people and the community know their values and mission. Everything that they do is centered around the values and mission. One of their values, in fact their very first one, is

We are unashamedly God-centered.

It truly doesn’t get any clearer than that for a church. Grace church is an amazing place and they involved in amazing mission. However, they are very clear, what they do all of it for:

We are unashamedly God-centered.

Without that value they lose their way and they will not let that happen. We all become guilty of it in some way. Things become hectic and we lose our focus and our priorities seemingly shift. this is exactly the time when things go wrong.

In today’s reading, we see what losing our way can look like. When the priorities start to shift and our focus loosens up, bad stuff happens. Aaron knew better, he truly did. Yet, Moses had been gone for a while and the folks started grumbling. They wanted immediate satisfaction. Instead of continuing the march towards freedom that God would provide them, they decided they wanted assurances now.

Now it might not always look like a Golden Calf, but we all do it. We make programs, ministries, worship styles, leaders, into these Golden Calves. When we forget this:

We are unashamedly God-centered

We are in trouble. When things are tough, focus on God. When you don’t understand why, trust God. When you are searching, look toward God.

Always remember:

We are unashamedly God-centered. Amen.



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