It is good for the soul


Exodus Reading Challenge

I never understood the appeal of cruises. It seemed like a really confining type vacation. You were on this big metal floating object in the middle of the ocean. You are subject to things out of your control like weather. You have little control of various parts of the vacation once you get onto the ship. It never made sense and then I became a pastor.

The first time I went on a cruise as  a pastor something magical happened. I learned how to disconnect. It started with the act of placing my cell phone into the safe never to be seen for the rest of the trip. The next big moment was fining wonderfully comfortable lounge chairs on a quite side of the trip. There was just a few scattered around but they were magical. Sitting on them just invited total relaxation.

I know now. I really do. Rest is vital. I have learned that getting away and sitting on a beach or walking in the park or simply finding a quiet spot at the local coffee shop are amazing moments. In fact they are amazing God moments. Learning to refresh and reconnect with God in those moments is so important. Yet, those are the moments that many of us make afterthoughts instead of priorities.

Yet, from the beginning, God has made this vita. God showed us how on that seventh day of Creation and continued to emphasize the need for that Sabbath time in our life. In today’s reading, God refreshes our memory on the power of the Sabbath. It is a day of rest and connection to God.

Are you doing that? Are you taking the time to connect with God?



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