Don’t hate


Exodus Reading Challenge Day 29

I have been guilty of it in the past and I am sure many of you were as well. I have thrown away clothes for all types of silly reasons; they didn’t fit, I had them “too long”, I didn’t like them anymore. I have been much better over the last several years as my youngest son’s girlfriend has raised my awareness of how wasteful that is. There are many people who could benefit from my “hand me downs” and that is a good thing.

Don’t hate the hand me down!

There should be no stigma to this concept but there often is some attached. Younger siblings are often the ones who feel this stigma the most. They feel as if they have nothing of their own and they just get someone else’s “rags”. In many ways it easy to understand their feeling but perhaps that is because we have lost the true power in a good old “hand me down”.

In today’s reading, we learn about the consecration of the priests. One of the things that stood out to me was that Aaron’s robes would be passed down to his sons and they would be consecrated in them as well. It is a powerful moment in the chapter. It reminded me the real power of our faith story. It is best when we pass it down from generation to generation. We share each other’s struggle and rejoice in past triumphs.

There is no stigma to this “hand me down” because it is when it is passed down and lived out that we see the real power of our faith. We are called to live out our faith  and share our faith with others. It is what we need today more people growing together and engaging the world and its problems together.  The Holy Spirit guiding us in all ways. So keep passing it down.



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