I protest


Exodus Day 28

The picture above is from a protest where thousands and thousands of people gathered to make their voices heard. Take a look again at the picture and when you look at it how does it make you feel. Some will look at the picture and feel disgust that “those people are at it again, these protests turn into riots and that is not what this country stands is about. They are blocking the streets! ” Others may look at the picture and think “Good, I am with you brothers and sisters, we can’t stand for this anymore, things have got to change.”  Others may look at the picture and simply think, “I’m tired…so tired…when will it end”.

I am going to ask you to look at the picture one more time. Did you catch it yet? Has it sunk in? The realization that you don’t even know when this picture was taken or what is being protested and where it is happening. We are on information overload as a country at this point. So much is being thrown at us all at the same time. We are a people in search of immediate justification for our own bias. You have them and I have them. We all do. So depending on who is protesting and what they are protesting we immediately know whether to be angry or happy. We respond often times because of who does something not because of what is done.

To prove my point, I can imagine that some of you are reading this and thinking I am talking directly to the other guy the one that thinks differently than you. Perhaps you are thinking I am talking directly to you and jumping into your business without understanding everything. I am not doing any of those things, I am thinking of myself and reflecting on today’s reading from Exodus. Aaron and the other priests were told to wear special clothes that would set them apart and mark them as doing God’s work.

To be set apart to do the work of God means to be “holy”. Yet, I often think we forget the deep meaning of that word. We are called to be holy long before we are called to be good. Let me be a good preacher and repeat that, we are called to be holy long before we are called to be good.  To be set apart for God means that we are first concerned with our relationship to God. It is the foundation of that relationship that helps us and inspires us to then live out that holiness in the world.

So protest if you want to protest and be upset with the protest if that is what you want to do. I encourage you to first connect with God through prayer, scripture, service, and worship. When you do that I believe that doors will open for you to live out your holiness in powerful ways. We need to remember that in the midst of chaos, God is still God. Take faith in that. Hold fast to that.


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