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Exodus Reading Challenge Day 27

We went camping quite a bit as a family when I was younger. Now this camping wasn’t the live off the land, boy or girl scout type camping but it was camping nonetheless. We had a pop-up camper and a tent. We did most of the camping in one location during the summer months. It seemed to be a nice respite for my parents after a long week of working. There wasn’t too much that sticks out about the time we spent camping, well except one thing…campfires.

There was something about those fires that I found entrancing. At campsites all around the campground you would find these campfires. Some of these fires would be large and others would be smaller. They all had their own unique characteristics but there was one constant about each of the fires and that was the people. Around each fire in a circle you wold find people staring into the fire. Some of these people would be laughing and others would be singing. Some people would find themselves involved in loud boisterous conversation and some would be engaged in hushed tones. However, no matter what the people were doing while there the fire had drawn them in.

Fire has that effect on people. It draws our attention and we are captivated by the heat and the unbridled power that exists within it. In this morning’s reading , we read about construction, this time we read about the altar and the courtyard. It is when we read about the courtyard though we are also told about the lamps that are to be kept burning from evening until morning. Fire.

This fire is a reminder of the presence of God for the people. This fire is a reminder to us as well. It is the fire of the Holy Spirit that will burn in us and draw people closer to Christ. People will notice something different about you if you carry that fire in your soul. They will want to be part of whatever you have going on. This fire inspires us and others to live out the call of God in our lives.

I want that fire in my soul, I need that fire in my soul. How about you?


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