Putting it all together


Exodus Reading Challenge Day 26

I was never really any good at using the darn things. Those silly little plastic blocks. Lego’s were my sworn enemies all I could make was a tower of same sized blocks. I could never put together what my mind had visualized. I blame it on my lack of fine motor skills but I think my wife would say it was because of my lack of patience. Whatever the reason, I just couldn’t get it done.

As I read from Exodus this morning, I was reminded of those stupid blocks once again. Reading about how God had planned the construction of the Tabernacle and the detail involved was overwhelming. I had to remember that this was not about God wanting, needing, demanding a house to dwell in but instead creating a place for the Hebrews to gather together as they worshipped and experienced God.

Even in the midst of their wilderness journey they were reminded that they were not in this by themselves. God would be with them and they would also be able to count on each other. the beautiful place would be a visual reminder that they were not alone. What a sense of comfort that must have been.

It is so easy to forget as we run around in our busy lives and try to keep things together that we don’t have to do this by ourselves. God is with us. God’s presence may be hard to experience at times but it is those moments when we need to go back to the basics, the building blocks of our faith.

We need to spend time in prayer allowing this time to be a time of not simply talk to God but also a time for us to connect with and hear from God. We need to also spend time with God’s word, hopefully you have been following along as we read through Exodus every day. I hope that this will be a launching pad for many of you to dog deeper into God’s word. We also need to worship together as we  come together as brothers and sisters to lift up our praise before God. Finally we need to be in service to others. This is how we live out our experience with God.

I believe these are the building blocks that God has given us and it is time to get down on our hands and knees and play with them with the heart of a child.


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