Bring the Best


Exodus Reading Challenge Day 25

We were in church after a few weeks away. I had just started re-attending church after many years of being away. We were at that sometimes uncomfortable part of the worship service, you know the one that I mean. The one where they pass the plates! As my wife reached into her purse she mentioned something about “that’s right we weren’t here last week”. I asked what difference that made and she said that we had to “catch up”.

Catch up? What exactly did that mean, I wondered. She told me that our offering this week would be extra to catch us up because we had not been there for a few weeks. It was then that I asked to see the check and I believe my eyes almost burst out of my head. Even if we were “catching up” there was no way that this could be correct. It was then that Ginny reminded me of the importance of working to give our best to God, working towards tithing. etc.  She told me that this wasn’t like the movies that we only paid when we showed up for the show.

Now my view of giving has changed dramatically over the years but at times the whole idea of what my best is and giving my best to God is challenging. As I read today’s reading, we read about the expectation for the Hebrew people. They were expected to give and give willingly to the construction of several things. They were required to give of their best to God and do it willingly.

I don’t know that I always do that, okay can you keep a secret? I DON”T always do that. Sometimes I make a conscious decision that my time or my talent (the treasure piece is taking care of by my wife to this day, smart woman!) can be better used elsewhere. Maybe it is some extra sleep or another bingeing of a few episodes of my favorite television show. Maybe it is not putting my full effort into preparation of a lesson or working on a sermon on a particular day.

I hope you don’t ever experience things like this but my hunch is you go through seasons like this as well. But if you do, take a moment and reset yourself. Remember what God expects is our best not because God needs it but because God deserves it and WE need it,. When we give our best, the world benefits. When we concentrate on those things of god with everything that we have we are blessed by the results. People are healed and they are fed. They are housed and clothed and they receive a great education. We are all blessed when we give the best to God.


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