Time for an answer


Exodus Reading Challenge Day 24

I remember the days and weeks that I struggled with it. I spent longs hours trying to come up with lots of reasons why the answer had to be “no”. The reasons were varying in legitimacy but there were many of them nonetheless.  I talked to my beautiful wife and I talked to my pastor. I prayed. I waited for signs. I did all those things that people should do and when the answers didn’t line up with what I wanted, I kept asking more.

Perhaps unlike mine, your struggle is not with a call into the ministry. God may be directed you to do something else. It may seem small or it may seem gigantic and you might not be ready quite yet. What do you do? You keep on searching, God isn’t worried and God is not afraid of your choice. God loves you and wants the best for you. In my heart I knew that and I knew that no matter what God wasn’t going to desert me.

In today’s reading, we see the Hebrew people at that particular point in their relationship with God. God had brought them a long way. They were no longer slaves in Egypt and they were on their trek their the wilderness. God had laid out the law through Moses and now was demanding an answer, “will you follow me?”.  The time for hemming and hawing had ended and it was time to answer.

Eventually, it happens. The time arises for us to make a choice and answer the question, “whom shall we serve?”. It is a question that each of us must answer. Saying “yes” to God is often saying “no” to a lot of other things. Those things can often include our ego, pride, and security. There is no sugar-coating that and we must be aware just as the Hebrew people were.

So, the question is out there and perhaps today is the day for us to answer it once again…

“Whom shall I serve?”




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