Care or Care not


Exodus Reading Challenge Day 22

We have spent a lot if time over the last few days as a country over analyzing a lot of things.

We have spent time debating what facts are or are not.

We have spent time debating  what equality is or isn’t.

We have seen women speak our against other women because of the marches.

We have seen men who participated in the marches be criticized or applauded.

The question to me becomes, “Where are we now?” The answer is that I have no idea other than to say we have a long way to go. It is probably time for people to stand up and not just say something but do something and when that is over it will be time to do something else. We need help. We need each other. The time is now.

For me the it starts with asking a simple question,

“Do I care?”

I choose to forget whether you care or the other gal cares right now. I need to worry about me. If I care than it is upon me to do something. In the reading this morning,  I noticed what God cares about. God’s concern seems to be pointed on those who are in vulnerable positions. The concern is for those who society has labelled as less than. I choose to try to focus on those things and people as well.

There is no more time to tell you how much that I care it is now time to show you. If I do that perhaps that will encourage others to show their care and concern for the world as well. Person by person things will happen and moment by moment our world will change.

I care, just watch me care.



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