Exodus Reading Challenge Day 19

This morning many people are gathering around the country in various cities. They will participating in a long-standing tradition in our country, they will be marching. They will be marching to bring attention to the plight of many. They will be marching to let people hear their voice and their frustration.

Around the cities they walk there will be barricades of sorts to keep order and protect people. It will be a reminder that even in the midst of struggle and freedom there are limits to what we can do.

This morning’s reading, speaks to limits and barriers. When God was preparing to reveal God’s self to the Hebrew people he had limits as to how far that they could go. There is always ¬†danger in being too familiar with God. The God who draws us in and loves us and provides for our salvation is a powerful God. When we are drawn close to God, we should always remember that holiness, justice, and mercy emanate from God. Let us never take that for granted.

Just as this morning’s marches hopefully remind many that we can’t take each other for granted. We must never get too familiar with each other that we take each other for granted either.

Let us go into this day with eyes wide open to the power of God and the power of community and the individual.



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