Not just you


Exodus Reading Challenge Day 18

One of the most humbling things that I had to do recently was several years ago writing the dedication for my D.Min. project thesis. I was finally at the end and everything had been approved. The last thing left was this simple dedication page and it would be finished. All my hard work, effort, and time would be completed. It was as I was starting at that blank page that I realized how arrogant I was. This project was not mine alone and it was not even close.

There was so many people who had played parts in the project. I would never have been able to complete it without their assistance. I started typing and really could have kept typing but for space restraints. It was a small thing but for me it was powerful to be able to recognize certain people in such a permanent way. I always knew but I needed reminded that we can’t do anything on our own really. We need help behind the scenes and often time in the scene itself pushing and pulling us through.

This morning as I was reading the current chapter of Exodus, I was reminded of this lesson. Moses was also dealing with some stuff. He believed that the expectation was that we would provide all the care needed to resolve complaints. He believed he alone could make that happen. It was wise advice from his father-in-law that straightened him out.

Moses isn’t alone, sometime we all need that reminder that we aren’t in this alone. We need to remember that we are stronger together and able to handle anything the world throws at us.  So what is it for you?

Is it a blank page?

The reminder from a friend?

What helps keep you connected when you need it?


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