Exodus Reading Challenge Day 17

I was barely settling into my appointment. I had been there a month or so and had gone away for a few days to get some sermon planning done. I received a frantic call from my secretary informing me of a couple who had stopped in and “were not very happen with you”.  It happens. It happens to all of us in one way or another. You might not be a pastor but you have those moments, eventually it happens to us all.

Someone is upset and needs to talk to you. Someone is frustrated and needs to correct something that you have said or done. Someone is has had enough and needs to share with you why you are the cause of all that is wrong. It happens. The question truly becomes what are we going to do when it happens? Are we prepared to handle the situation? Well are we?

This morning’s reading was a reminder of that fact to me. The Hebrews had been in the wilderness for quite some time. They were going through lands where people were already settled. They were a large group of people and they were going to get noticed. The fact that someone attacked them should come as no surprise, perhaps they surprise is that it took so long.

We see that with the leadership of Moses and Aaron the Hebrew people were ready. They had been through things that had already begun to shape and strengthen them. They moved beyond who they used to be and were now able to stand and fight when needed. This was a different group of people then left Egypt. They were still going to whine and have problems but they were already changed.

We change as well when we do the things that we need to do to prepare. As followers of Jesus, one of those things that we need to do to get ready is pray. We need to also spend time in the Word. We prepare when we worship and fellowship together. these are some of the things that get us ready to face the challenges in life.

It happens. Will you be ready?




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