Not quite right


Exodus Reading Challenge Day 16

I remember when I was preparing to ask my now-wife to marry me. Everything happened very rapidly. It was something we had kind of talked about but nothing in-depth. It was evident to those around us though that we were serious about each other. One day my mom and I were talking and she asked me about it and I mentioned that I was probably going to do it within the next few months. She then gave me a ring that she had that meant a lot to her that she thought I should use for the proposal. I liked the idea. I took the ring and began to think of the perfect date. It was two days before her birthday so I figured that I would take her out to diner on her birthday and ask her.

Well that was the plan but I was not patient at all. I called my girlfriend up that day and told her we should go out to dinner. We went to a restaurant that we had never been to and have never been there since. I had the ring in my pocket and had prepared a nice little speech and was debating whether to get on my knee to ask the question. When the time came, I forgot the speech and didn’t get on my knee and I am not sure if I said anything other than shoving the ring box over to her. She said yes, I think, and we have been married over 20 years. It didn’t happen perfectly like I had imagined it and it wasn’t that memorable in the long run but it was perfect for us.

Today’s reading in Exodus , reminds us that things aren’t always perfect. They don’t always go the way we plan or envision but that is okay. The Israelites did not imagine wandering through the desert starving. Aaron and Moses were not exactly overflowing with answers. Yet, time after time God would provide what they needed when they needed it. God’s grace is not contingent upon conditions being perfect. Grace is not contingent on us being perfect. God’s grace is perfectly timed and perfectly suited for us at all times.

When things aren’t going my way, I need to remember that. When life seems as if it is slipping out of control I need to remember that. God has got this. God has got me and that is all I need.



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