Bumping along


Exodus Reading Challenge Day 14

I remember the first time that I saw a little child using them. I had never heard of them before but there they were, bumpers for bowling. Now for those of you who are not aware what they are, I will help you out. Bumpers are barriers that are placed in the gutters at bowling alleys so that the ball is unable to get into the bumpers. So you are guaranteed that your ball will make it down the alley and hit some pins.

The fun thing is often watching to see the various paths that the ball might take on the way down the alley. Sometimes it might just hit once and other times it might hit several times. There will be a time or two where you see someone throw a ball and it will bounce and forth between both sides of the lane on each bumper. A person might find their ball hugging up against the bumper all the way down the lane as well. Of course, you even have the “show-offs” that can make it down the lane with their ball without using the bumpers at all!

Reading the account of the parting of the Red Sea, reminded me of bumper bowling. What the Israelites are finding right away on their journey is that God is putting up their very own bumpers out here in the wilderness. These things will be people or situations or even the Red Sea that will help keep the Israelites going the right way toward their goal. this was as dramatic as these bumpers will probably get in the account of Exodus. The Egyptians breathing down their neck represented a bumper on one side and the parting sea made the bumpers on two other sides. They had no choice, they had to go forward.

God continues to provide for us by giving us what we need if we simply pay attention. It is not always or perhaps never going to be as blatant as the parting of the Red Sea however if we but call God’s name and walk with God we will see what has been provided.

Are you looking? Are you really? Amen.


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