The Next Big Thing


Exodus Reading challenge Day 13

Things are changing all around us rapidly, all you need to do is look around and you will see it. In a few days we will witness the next presidential inauguration. Some of you who just read that are thrilled and others are perhaps devastated by that fact. Our economy is changing and globalization is happening. People are getting more connected and yet more isolated.

I had the privilege of preaching this morning in a friend’s church in North Carolina. After the sermon, a phrase he used as he was praying over me has been percolating in my mind. He said something along the lines of “Lord you are going to use him to do big things. ” I know it is not good manners to interrupt someone as they are praying but I almost did.

What did you mean?

What big things?

Am I ready?

In today’s reading from Exodus, Moses and the Israelites were getting prepared by God for the big thing that they were doing. Yet, God was sending them on a direct path because they were not prepared, in fact he said, “Lest the people change their minds and return to Egypt when they experience war.”

Is God ready to do something bog through you? Are you getting ready for the next big thing coming?

don’t be afraid because if he had something big for you, he has already been working on getting you ready and I like the sound of that!



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