Delivery guaranteed


Exodus Reading Challenge Day 12

I used to deliver pizza for Domino’s Pizza. It was back in the day of the 30 minute or free guarantee. Let me just say that made for some dangerous driving and not great quality control. We learned as a company that speed at the expense of other important factors was just not worth it.

I was thinking about domino’s today as I was reading the story of the Passover  I was trying to place myself in the head of the Israelite people and it was not easy. How long had they been waiting for deliverance from Egypt? How many generations had come and gone? Did they have any faith left at all that God could hear them and would respond to their pleas?

I learned a long time ago that I am not God and thank God for that. We see throughout scripture that God’s timing is perfect but we also are made aware that God’s timing is not our timing and it is not even close. We want things now. We want answers or action and for so long it appeared that the Israelite people were not getting that from God. Yet going through the Exodus story together we see that God was in fact working and preparing the people and raising up leaders.

Are we able to be patient today in the midst of chaos, pain, and uncertainty?  Can we trust god to be God and allow God’s plan to unfold?

I have reason to believe that won’t be easy in the coming days and months ahead but I am growing ever more certain it is exactly what is required of us.


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