Don’t be afraid?


Exodus Reading challenge Day 10

Sure I had one but I am sure that I was not alone. I am certain that some of you reading this right now did the same thing. I can’t be the only one that had a nightlight growing up. The night-light was pretty important to me. It helped me to understand that there was no monsters in my room and in a strange way it also made me feel as if I was not alone. My mom or dad had plugged that light in for me and because of that I knew that they were nearby.

Reading the 10th chapter of Exodus this morning I was reminded of all those nights sleeping with a nightlight and the sense of peace that it brought to me. Reading about the darkness being cast all over Egypt brought a little shiver to me. 3 days! I can’t even imagine what that must have been like. 3 days! Can you imagine the fear and doubt that must have been creeping in the lives of the Egyptian people?

Hmmm 3 days?

I know a group of people who could imagine those three days in the dark, the disciples. They worried and feared for their lives for 3 days after Jesus was placed in the grave. Three days must have felt like an eternity for the Egyptians and for the disciples as well. Yet many of us spend more than three days in the dark.

When we are young we believe that we are the center of the universe and some of us continue to think that for years. We ignore the needs of others around us. We fail to see and hear the call of God in our lives. We falsely believe that we can be the captain of our own ship.

MY church! MY life! MY family! MY god! MY money!

We probably have all been guilty of some or all of these phrases. You can probably add to the list of “WHY’s”.  This focus upon ourselves and our own stuff is what often keeps us in the dark.

Maybe it is time to plug back in that night-light and pray to God to help us see the light anew.


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