I can’t see you


Exodus Reading Challenge Day 8

As a parent, one of the coolest memories that I have is playing peek-a-boo. I was always amazed at the delight of my child as he saw me and then when he covered his own eyes his belief that because he couldn’t seem then I couldn’t see him. The game would go on and on until I couldn’t take anymore. He just loved it.

I was thinking of playing that game this morning as I read today’s chapter in Exodus. I think the all time peek-a-boo champion has to be the Pharaoh. Can you think of any other explanation. He saw the power that God had and the chaos and destruction that would follow his disobedience and yet it seemingly could not change his mind. He would say that he would relent but when the plague would wrap up he would simply ignore God, Moses, and Aaron and go back to business as usual.

However, if I am honest I really shouldn’t give Pharaoh too much grief since I have played my share of peek-a-boo with God. I have promised/played/pleaded with God on many occasions with the promise that if things would turn my way that I would change. When things have changed in my favor I have found myself conveniently forgetting my self-imposed agreement with God. Perhaps I feel as if I don’t bring it up or think about it that it never happened?

Reading through Exodus has been a challenge for me. I want to find myself in the “heroes” of the story, Moses and Aaron. Yet, sometimes these heroes aren’t very heroic and other times I find myself seeing myself in the actions of Pharaoh.

Definitely something to reflect on this morning. Have a great day!


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