Keep your eye on the ball


Exodus Reading Challenge Day 7

When I was a sophomore in high school, I was trying out for the baseball team. I had played baseball most of my life and considered myself pretty good. It was during the tryout when it happened. I was in the batting cage finishing up my time and was told to bunt a couple. I don’t remember much of what happened next but I remember the pain. I somehow slid my hand to high up on the bat and the ball hit my finger. I am not sure of the medical term of what happened but I know there was blood and tears, a lot of each.

I remembered that incident as I was doing my reading this morning. As I read about the Nile being turned to blood, I thought of my finger. I thought of my finger not simply because of the blood but because what the Nile represented. The Nile represented life to the Egyptian people. It was how they travelled and how they grew their crops. It provided water for their livestock and for their families and now Moses had turned it.

For me, baseball was life. I joke around a lot that my dream was to be a first baseman for the Philadelphia Phillies when I was young but it really isn’t a joke. I loved baseball. It was where I got my identity from. It was the one constant in my life. I could always count on the sound that bat made when I made contact and now it was gone.

How would you fare if your foundation was shook like that? Would you have a plan or would you do what the Pharaoh did? He responded by ignoring the problem. He had insulated himself so much over his life that he felt as if nothing could touch him not even the seeming destruction of the Nile. His people were bruised and bloodied for a moment and his reaction was no real reaction at all.

The reading today was a reminder to me that we must always keep our eyes open. Things are going to happen and things are going to be bad sometimes but we can’t ignore them. Perhaps what is happening around us has been orchestrated by God to get our attention.

Are you/we/I paying attention? Are you sure?


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