All we need is…trust?


Exodus Reading Challenge Day 4

It happens to all of us at some point, it is the moment when you believe that you are in over your head. It might be a situation at work or something at home but you know you have been there. How do you respond? What are your next steps? Where do you go from there? What do you need?

Moses was at that point as we find out in today’s reading from Exodus. He is in the midst of a conversation with God and was being called to do something that seemed impossible, he was going to be God’s instrument to free the Israelites. When we think about this story we often find ourselves mocking Moses’ reaction or using his reaction to make ourselves feel better about how we have responded to God’s call in our lives.

Let’ be honest , Moses just doesn’t jump onboard to God’s plan, he hems and haws. However, at the end of the chapter here is what we find out about Moses, he trusts God. Can I say that I would have done the same? Can I say that I have done the same? Can you?

Trusting is the beginning of change in our lives. We all will trust someone or something but the question is who or what that will be. Moses chose to trust God, not knowing where it would lead him. As I read the chapter this morning, I wondered if I would do the same. It was humbling as I debated internally.

Today there are no clear-cut answers or direction. Today there is just me humbly saying, i just don’t like the answer I came up with because I am not sure that I have that much trust…yet.




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