Come On Down you are…


Exodus Reading Challenge Day 3

One of the fun things about being home sick when I was still in school was being able to watch Bob Barker and the “Price is Right”. I couldn’t wait to hear the announcer as he shouted out someone’s name and then said “Come on down you are the next contestant in the Price is Right”. It was so exciting to me to see their reaction to be called down to participate in this game. They weren’t winners necessarily, at least yet, but they had a chance to play.

As I was reading the 3rd chapter from Exodus  this morning, I kept thinking of the game show. I remember the excitement that the contestants had as they jumped up and ran down the aisle to the front of the stage to bid on the next prize. I remembered and I wondered. I wondered when the last time I felt that excitement. I wondered why Moses didn’t feel that excitement.

Moses was called down to participate BUT he was told something very important first as God said to him, “I am concerned about their suffering. So I have come down to rescue them from the hand of the Egyptians”. God had heard and was coming down to save them, how cool is that ?!?

We are reminded again this morning that the God we worship is not sitting idly by and disinterestedly watching us suffer along in our lives. The God we worship is actively participating and has invited us to come on down and do the same. Now that is exciting or so it would seem.

Yet, I wonder again when is the last time that I felt excited about what God me to do. I wonder why we don’t see that excitement from Moses? Maybe we are like Moses and fail to see what God sees in us. Maybe we consider ourselves to busy doing other important things. Perhaps we have allowed ourselves to be beaten down by past failures or the world around us.

Whatever the reason is, I think perhaps I need to repent. I need to let those things go and latch on to what God is actively doing in my community and the world around me. Won’t you join me?




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