I got this!?!


Exodus Reading Challenge Day 2.

We continue 40 Chapters in 40 Days, let’s go!

In Chapter 2, we are introduced to the second most important character in the  book of Exodus, Moses. Moses was born and called to be the liberator of the Hebrew people, They had been calling for freedom and God had heard them and now the time had come. It was time for the people to be liberated and as we will find out later, Moses would be the one to lead them.

Perhaps as Moses was being raised in the home of the Pharaoh he learned of the history of his people from his mother and sister. He certainly witnessed the brutality of the Egyptians. Maybe that is some of the background that surrounds the events that day in the field. The day that Moses saw an Egyptian man beating a Hebrew field-hand. It could be that all these events  were the tipping point for Moses as he kills that Egyptian man. It might be that he was getting ready to take it upon himself to liberate the Hebrews one dead Egyptian at a time.

Maybe you can hear the voice of Moses as he approaches the Egyptian, “I got this!”

Let’s be honest, we have all had those moments. Hopefully, they haven’t been as violent as Moses’ moment. Yet, we know that feeling of “I got this!”. We go headstrong into a situation thinking that we alone can bring the correct resolution. We boldly go and share our wisdom, strength, and bravado. Realistically we also know that feeling in the aftermath, the need to run.

How many times must we fail before we realize, we don’t have this, not even close. Earlier, I introduced Moses as the second most important character in the book of Exodus. Well it is time to talk about the most important character, God. See, Moses thought that he alone could get the job done.  He was mistaken. He needed God. We need God. How long are we going tot try to do it all alone. God doesn’t need us, we need God.

Moses doesn’t get it yet in this story but he will. Hoe about us? How long will it take us?





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