Happy new yEAR


This morning we are kicking off our Exodus Reading Challenge. 40 chapters in 40 days, it is as easy as that. So let’s get started and see what God has in store for us.

In Chapter one,  we see things have changed quite a bit in Egypt. Joseph and his brothers have died and a new king was in charge. The Israelites were now seen as a threat and plans of genocide were hatched. It is here in the story that we are introduced to Shiphrah and Puah, the Hebrew midwives. They are told by the king to kill, wait you know the story. Can you imagine the pressure? The most powerful man in the world was telling these “insignificant” women to do something evil. What would they do? What would you do?

I guess it would depend on whom your ears were truly attuned to wouldn’t it? It is a great question to wrestle with as we start off a new year. What voices for you matter?  Which voices will you tune out and to which will you respond?

There are so many negative voices calling out to us that try to direct our thoughts and actions. Some voices are just negative  and some can be destructive. Yet if we take some time and be still there is one voice that remains true and clear, the very voice of God. It is the voice that the Hebrew midwives heard and it was that voice which guided them.

As I read this chapter this morning, I was reminded of the need to W.A.I.T. as we talked about in church on Sunday.

W- Welcome each other

A- Affirm each other

I-Inquire about each other

T- Take care of each other

When we listen to God’s voice, we respond to the world differently . We take the time to not REACT to the world and instead we RESPOND to God.

My prayer for us today is that we learn to listen closely to God’s direction.



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