From the Darkness – My views of Politics and the Gospel of John

I have been silenced recently. It is not because of a court order or a medical condition but I believe that I have found the cause. It is because of Donald Trump. Well that is not true. It is because of Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, Fox News, MSNBC, etc. I have been overwhelmed over the last few months with all that I have seen and heard. For those that know me personally you may know my choice of candidate for this election but understand that is not the purpose of this post. No, this post is about politics, prologue, and passion.


I have heard you, I really have. Over the last few months, I have heard your opinions about this upcoming “most important election in our lifetime”. I know how you feel about Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, and 3rd party candidates. I know you think the “other side” is often no good if not flat out evil. I get it. I have listened to the Talking Heads on cable news for the last few months virtually every morning. I have read the news from the New York Times to the Washington Examiner. I have felt your pain. I have struggled myself. I have prayed but not nearly enough. I have worried more than enough. I have wailed out like the Psalmist more often that I care to admit. Day after day it seems as if the darkness was settling in to stay.


I am sitting in Barnes and Noble this morning and drinking some coffee. I excited to focus my devotions on the Gospel of John. As I sat and read the prologue this morning, I think I was gently nudged/smacked by the Holy Spirit. It truly seems so simple when you reread chapter 1. I have found the cure for my silence. I feel as if the light of a new dawn has gently awoken me from a slumber. I feel refreshed and renewed.  I understand the imagery in the prologue more clearly than I ever have before. I understand because I have been there, in the dark. I let it envelop me and this reality caused me to silence my tongue. Yet, reading these verses from the Gospel of John again this morning has reminded me that I don’t need to stay where I am because the Light is here. 

So have you been watching the Olympics? Great stuff, right? Well, this morning I learned something about those torches that were used for the Rio Olympics, they actually expand when they light up the next torch. Now, please donit rush through that last sentence. go back and read it. it is the whole point why I am writing this morning. when they pass they light the torches open up. This is EXACTLY what the prologue of the Gospel of John is about. Don’t believe me? Go read it for yourself right here, John 1.

See what I mean? It is brilliant isn’t it? The gospel writer is pointing us to Jesus and reminding us that. This darkness we may feel is only temporary because we have Jesus. Sharing Jesus opens us up to others and the world around us. It raises us beyond the darkness we feel. Come November, I don’t know who will be president but I do know this, Jesus is alive. The Light will be and currently is here, open up and receive it.