Words of Wisdom?


There are certain parts of being a pastor that are fantastic. One part that is not so great is the feeling that I need to be profound and comforting when tragedy strikes. So for the last 24 hours or so I have struggled to find words and I have searched for just the right phrase to bring healing in such a devastating time.

Then I heard the president speak and saw the reaction from some and realized that I was fighting a losing battle. No words that I say can be profound or comforting enough and if I risk saying anything at all than I may be criticized. Oh well!

My first reaction is prayer and to tell others to pray.  This will remain my first reaction and I encourage you to do just that.  However, sitting safely in our homes and offering prayer is no longer enough.

The “good” people of the world have been silently praying too long and not doing enough.  LGBT people have been slaughtered and we need to have conversations about what have we done or not done in regards to their community.  Have we been harbingers of hate or peace?

Sit down this week and have a conversation with your LGBT neighbor, family member, or coworker. I promise you have at least one.  See how y0u can help.

And then there is guns. Are we really afraid to say the word? Responsible laws = well regulated. It’s not anti-gun to suggest we can do better. I don’t want to take your guns, I just want to make sure the right people are allowed to have them.

About the whole terrorism thing. Terrorism’s goal is to divide and isolate us. This happens when we allow whole groups of people to be defined by the acts of a person or a group of people. Islam is not the problem, evil is the problem.  If we have groups of terrorists in this country planning attacks then let’s find a way to get that stopped.

I would suggest one way is to support and rally around the Muslim community. They don’t want this evil in their community defining their religion either.

Those that speak and live out hate need to be identified and called out. Be they Christian, Muslim, Jew, or other. Enough is enough.

So, no profound words.  Just sad yet hopeful ones.

I will pray and I encourage you to do the same but I also will act and I want you to do the same. Go love someone.


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