You can’t Keep out the Truth


Holy Week Reflection on Matthew 27:62-66

Tomorrow is the big day, Easter has finally arrived.However, we are not there…yet. We are in the in between known as Holy Saturday. We are waiting, not too patiently, for Easter to come because when it comes we know it will be a celebration. How about those who are tired of waiting though?

There was an interesting story in the Washington Post about a nun who was finally going to be able to participate in a foot washing service in the Roman Catholic Church. The pope had decreed that it was proper for women to be allowed to participate in this ritual.  it was a bog moment in her life, she had been waiting for over 50 years for a chance. I read the story this morning with a bittersweet feeling. I was so happy for the woman but wondered why it took so long.

The scripture from this morning is an account of Pilate posting a guard outside the tomb of Jesus. Pilate wanted to ensure that no one could steal the body of Jesus from the tomb. He was worried about keeping people out and protecting the truth that was inside…Jesus was dead.

The truth was something different entirely. Jesus might have been lying in the tomb but not for long! No one needed to steal his body because God would raise him from the dead. Pilate was all messed up. However, the reality is we get it all twisted as well.

Perhaps we don’t post guards at the church doors to  keep people out but we often accomplish the same thing in different ways. How long did we in the Methodist church not ordain women? We posted the guards of the bible and tradition to justify our behavior. We are currently doing the same thing with our LGBT brothers and sisters. Forget ordination, in many ways we have made it uncomfortable, if not impossible, to be a vital part of our church community.

We have done it with race as well. No one can, nor should they ever, forget the horrible history of slavery and racism we dealt within our Methodist roots here in this country.Some of that still stands today. We continue to post the guards of tradition and the church and wonder why our voice is becoming silent in the affairs of our country and the world.

So congratulations to the Roman Catholic Church, it was a step but just that because we still all continue to wait here in the in between and praying for Sunday to come!




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