The (Holy) Week begins for us


Reflection on Matthew 21:12-13




Social Media.



Pretty butterflies.

The list of distractions goes on and on. Every day we are faced with so many different challenges to our time. It is a constant struggle for so many of us and there are industries that are created just to help. We have time management software and speakers. There is companies who will come in and “declutter” your life. All of these are attempts to help us focus on the tasks at hand.

So imagine the morning Jesus went into the Temple. His last week in Jerusalem had begun and it was off to a rough start. As soon as he went to the temple to pray and he was making his way through the Gentile court he was bombarded with the noise and hustle and bustle he found there. He was surrounded by people as they were exchanging money to be used in the temple and selling doves to be offered.

Can you imagine the noise and confusion that day? It must have been so distracting as Jesus was making his way deeper into the temple. Yet, something made him stop. He didn’t continue into the temple and instead he reacted. He challenged the merchants and chased them out. They were taking advantage of others and Jesus had enough. Yet, I believe there was something more going on.

How could the Gentiles pray in such an environment? Everywhere they turned, they would have been overwhelmed. Jesus was trying ensure that the Gentiles had space to connect with God as well. We all need to connect with God and for the Gentiles this was being encroached upon by the merchants both crooked and honest. Jesus changed that.

Understanding you are more than likely not sitting in the midst of money changers this morning, what is stopping you from connecting with God as the week begins. This is  Holy Week. but all weeks are holy. We are too often distracted by other stuff perhaps it is time to upset the distractions in our lives.

Maybe we need to get up a little early or stay up a little later. Or is it a matter of not turning the television on immediately when you sit down? Do you need to simply move away to a place off to yourself for a bit and find that quiet time? Well whatever it takes , DO IT!

Take time this week and reconnect with God. Pray a little more. Read one more chapter of the bible. Sing another worship song. Do what you need to drown out the noise and bathe in the glory of God!




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