Can’t keep me down


Lenten Reflection on Micah 7

I was late to the “Rocky” bandwagon. I don’t think it was until after “Rocky II” was released that I started paying attention. Once I started I was hooked. I loved every single eccentric part of the Rocky Balboa character. He drank raw eggs and pounded sides of raw beef. He was a no name who was given a chance for the Heavyweight boxing title of the world because the powers that be did not consider him a threat.

Yet he was a threat, he was a threat not because of his eccentricities. He was a threat because he kept getting up . Apollo Creed kept knocking Rocky down time and time again. Round after round, Rocky kept getting pounded and it didn’t look like it would never end. Rocky Balboa  became seared into our national consciousness not because he won that fight in the movie, he didn’t, but because he just kept getting up.

The Book of Micah’s final chapter contain powerful words of hope:

Do not gloat over me, my enemy!
    Though I have fallen, I will rise.
Though I sit in darkness,
    the Lord will be my light.

These words are words we need to hear today. They are words that say we are not finished yet. God has brought us to this place and because of God we can keep pressing forward. The world may knock us down but God will help us up. Our political process may try and keep us knocked down but with God’s help we will still get up.

These words in Micah are words of encouragement. Words that remind us that there is no thing or no one that can keep us from God.

For that let’s give thanks and say Amen!






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