Perfect Strangers? Maybe.


Lenten Reflection on Micah 4 

After the last few posts(here,here , or here), I would think looking at the title of this post may make you think I was going to be writing about about Balki and Larry from the television show “Perfect Strangers”.  Instead, I want to write today about a record that I used to play over and over again when I was growing up. It was a Sesame Street album. I am not sure what it was called but it had all the “classic” Sesame Street songs on it from the theme song to “C is for Cookie”.

However, there were two songs that today’s scripture reminded me of and they were “Rubber Ducky” and I Love Trash”. Different Sesame street characters sang the two songs; Ernie sang “Rubber Ducky” and Oscar the Grouch sang “I Love Trash”. There were no two characters more unlike than those two. Ernie was the happy, joyful, optimist from the Street. Oscar the Grouch was the mean, messy,  and cantankerous one. Yet, I loved those two songs and those two characters. They each made me smile, laugh, and learn. Each had something to share with the world and me and despite their vast differences there was plenty of room for them both on Sesame Street.

The prophet Micah writes about something very similar in today’s reading. Perhaps it takes some digging to find it but it is there:

“Nation will not take up sword against nation; they will no longer learn how to make war. All will sit underneath their own grapevines, under their own fig trees…each of the people walks in their name of their own God”

There was room enough on Sesame Street for Ernie and for Oscar and there is plenty of room in our communities for everyone. We don’t need to think alike or dress alike or look alike or even worship alike. We don’t need to vote the same or love and marry the same way but what we do need to do is respect and care for each other. We need to understand that everyone matters and everyone is vital to our community and to our world.

Whether you love trash or take baths with your rubber ducky there is a place in this world for you and for your neighbor as well and isn’t that Good News!




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