Warning Will Robinson Danger


Lenten Reflection on Micah 3

I can’t help it. I watched a lot of television growing up. Yesterday Micah 2 reminded me of “Kung Fu”. Today as I was reading I couldn’t help but think of “Lost in Space”.  For those that don’t know what that was, shame on you   Smiley.svg, “Lost in Space” was a campy show about a family that had an important mission but because of nefarious circumstances became…ummm…well lost in space.

I thought about the television show because of the robot. The Robot was programmed to help the family and was always looking out for them. Whenever there was trouble he often could be found warning the son, Will,  “danger, Will Robinson, danger.”

Reading Micah today, it was almost like the robot was behind me warning me. There is trouble in this chapter and it is a warning to us. We have ignored the signs for so long that perhaps we are simply blind to them now. After all, just like the people in Micah’s time, we know better. This chapter is pointed mostly towards the leaders who have led the people astray.

Yet, we need be careful that we don’t try to distance ourselves from that. Instead we need to see where perhaps the church has led people astray. Where have parents, schools, government, and business let people down? We have turned down a dark road where thinks like success and happiness are defined by things instead of God and relationships.

We also have politicians in our country that are running campaigns simply based on fear of the other. Anger and doubt what is encouraged from them and we are getting sucked in. I have spent so many days recently talking about whom we won’t vote for and not who we want to vote for. there is something wrong with that in fact there is danger.

So where would the robot from “Lost in Space” be warning you today? Where are you lost? Where is the danger in your life?

There is good news though, there is always GOOD NEWS. Jesus. the one who brings light to the world. Scripture tells us that light drives out darkness. The light will  guide us and help bring us closer to God and to each other. there is no danger there.


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