We have the power


Lenten Reflection on Micah 2

I remember as I was growing up watching the show Kung Fu.  It was a fascinating show for me. It was the tale of a man who had been trained long ago by monks in China. He left after some trouble happened and found his way to America. Each show we would find Caine in a bad situation where he was trying to help someone or right a wrong. In those moments he woulds flash back and remember a lesson.


We then learned that Caine had the power in him to correct the situation or to overcome the obstacle he faced. He just had to decide if he was going to do it or not. I think I like the show because he wasn’t the biggest or the strongest but he always got the job done. He saw a need and helped where he could. He had the power and maybe I did too.

As I read the second chapter of Micah this morning, I thought about that show. I wondered about these words from Chapter 2:

You steal the shirts right off the backs
    of those who trusted you,
making them as ragged as men
    returning from battle.

The people in Jordan had a choice. They could live as they had been taught, Loving God and caring for those on the fringes of society or they could take advantage of them. Wither way they had the power to choose. What was their choice? Well, according to Micah it was not the right one.

How about us?

What will be our choice?

In this out of control political environment we are in we see everyone doing whatever is necessary to get their guy or girl elected. Yet, I believe that mean be a symptom of the larger problem. The problem we face is we have become the most important thing in the world to ourselves.

Everything we do and everything we say is all about bringing glory, money, power, and other stuff to us. We are a nation that has forgotten that we were simply a bunch of throwaway immigrants looking for a better life long ago. We have forgotten that this country at its best is when we do our best for each other.

Micah’s words were a warning what happens to the people when they turn too far from God. they should be a warning to us as well. We need to get right with God.

We have the power but what are we going to do with it?


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