Wounded Warriors indeed


Lenten Reflection on 2 Corinthians 13:5

There was a stench for quite a while. There was no doubt about something was off. Yet, so many did not dare investigate. It was based a bit on fear of the reaction of so many. After all, they helped so many of our heroes. I can only assume that is why.

Why, despite evidence to the contrary, so many refused to see there was something wrong within the offices of Wounded Warrior. There were sporadic stories and little flare ups of resistance yet nothing sustainable. Finally yesterday there were stories of the CEO and COO being fired and a budget of over 250,000 annually for things like candy and soda.

Why are we so afraid to examine ourselves and those organizations and institutions that we are involved in? Why are we so hesitant to call out actions and behaviors that are wrong in these places and ourselves? The church is often guilty of a lack of self examination. We find ourselves ignoring growing issues within our own house. Perhaps we think that by doing that we will allow the stains to overwhelm the good that is being done.

Paul reminds the church in Corinth that they need to really look at themselves and see if they are on the right track if their faith in God is real and active in the world.. We need to do the same. It is vital that we are self aware enough to look at ourselves and the things and groups we belong to and see where they truly find themselves. Whether it is political party, house, church, charity, or something else we need to do the due diligence necessary.

Because at the end of the day whether we are willing to do the work or not, the world is watching and so is God.


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