Holding on for a hero


Lenten Reflection on Romans 5:6

When we were utterly helpless, Christ came at just the right time and died for us sinners.

I was reading through Romans this morning a bit and I came across the answer. It was right there in chapter five, it finally is starting to make sense on some level. It is becoming more and more evident we are all looking for the same thing. A hero. I really think it is true.

Do not dismiss me quite yet, please give me a moment to explain.

I talk to a lot of people. Day after day and in one conversation after another there is a recurring theme and that is a fear of the unknown. Parents worry about what this country will look like for their children. Young adults are concerned if there will be jobs when their time in school comes to an end. Other young adults are worried about how they will pay off their student loan debt. Families are worried about unemployment and retirement.

Institutions suffer from this fear as well. Businesses are worried about regulation and the economy. The Government worries are numerous. The church worries about closing churches and lessening impact in the culture. The fear goes on and on. People and institutions are waiting for a hero, someone to save us. We feel as if we barely holding on.

So we look for a hero. Maybe it will be Trump. Cruz. Rubio. Sanders. Clinton.

The scripture today is a reminder that God is in control of time and of us. it was at the perfect and opportune time (kairos) that Jesus died for us.  If God has this under control perhaps we can stop worrying and instead find ways to come together. Lift each other. Encourage one another. Share joy with each other.

Seems to simplistic but I think it just might work. We already have a hero now its time to go live into the hope the hero brings.





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