Wake Up and take a look around


Lenten Reflection on Leviticus 26

This morning I spent some time reading the news and then watching the cable news. Of course, much of what I saw and read was focused on the GOP debate from last night. Yet, the more I read I began to see other things:

  • News on North Korea and their Nuclear Program.
  • mixed data on jobs
  • news on the Zika virus
  • news on Boko Haram
  • News on Supreme Court

In other words, there is a lot going on in the world beyond the yelling and carrying on we witnessed last night. So why is our focus not on these things? Why have we lost contact with what is important?

Perhaps it is because we believe we need a savior and the president is it. We cast our lot with a candidate and go all in with him or her. We ignore flaws our choice and exaggerate the flaws in the other.

The scripture today is a reminder to us of what happens when we lose focus on the real savior. When we have idols we remove ourselves from blessings and instead we find ourselves “cursed”.

Politicians will come and go but Jesus remains. Let’s spend time with God and seek direction from the Almighty. Pray that our eyes are opened to the needs of the world around us. Pray that we do not put our hope in others but instead on God.




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