Fear Wins?


Lenten Reflection on 2 Chronicles 21:1-4

Well here we are, another election night over and more talking heads pontificating. This election cycle is becoming overbearing and overwhelming. It does not seem as if there will be an end. I stayed up last night watching the candidates all claim victory and all claim that the opposition was Satan. Well, perhaps that is not what they said but it was late and I was really tired.

We live in a time where our leaders try and get us to act from fear.

Fear of the Democrats.

Fear of the Republicans.

Fear of the Terrorists.

Fear of immigrants.

Fear of the other.

I don’t know about you but I am tired of being told to be afraid. Today’s reading from Chronicles speaks to what happens when we live in fear. Jehoram was to be the next king because he was the oldest son of the King of Judah. However, instead of being happy with that, one of his first acts was to kill all his brothers. He did this to solidify his power because of, you guessed it, fear. This act was the beginning of what turned out to be a very wicked reign for Jehoram.

Fear does that to us. It stops us from living our lives in a meaningful, productive, and transformative way. We are so boxed in by the feeling of fear that we can’t see beyond the moment. It is a crippling way to live.

Let’s be radical today. Don’t let the talking heads scare you and don’t let the politicians worry you. Instead, spend time appreciating the gift of life you have been given. Focus your energy and attention on the power of joy and hope. The hope and joy that really change things.

This hope is built on a foundation of trust in Jesus Christ. No Trump, nor Cruz, Nor Clinton, nor Sanders can take that from you. Jesus wants to have a relationship with you.

Fear loses.

We win.


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