What’s so Super about Tuesday?


Lenten Reflection Psalm 37: 1-6

I watched the news the Cable News talking heads over the last few days and felt something in the pit of my stomach.

Was it hope? nope.

Was it excitement? Not a chance.

Was it joy? Ha.

I believe that it can best be described as sadness. I try, I really do. I want there to be a clear cut answer out there. I want a person to rise from the ashes and be the person that this country is looking for. Yet, the more I look, I just see more ashes. I want to stand in from of my congregation on Sunday and proudly say we are on the right track. Our country has seen the light.

I can’t.

Perhaps it is because we have spent the last 15 years or so numb. We saw the towers go down on September 11, 2011 and have yet to truly recover. How else can you describe a nation that is so divided on so many levels? We are fearful of each other and afraid for the future.

It isn’t just white vs black


rich vs poor or

men vs women

it is

us vs them.

The problem is we can’t really identify the “them”, we just know it can’t be “us”. Maybe it is time after all to take back “our country” , I mean God’s world. We are looking all around for answers, well looking everywhere but back to God. The psalmist writes :

“Keep company with Godget in on the best.” (verse 4 Msg). 

I think therein is the solution. The only place we have not looked recently. Trump, Clinton, Sanders, Cruz, et al. do not have the answers. Wall street does not have them either. Spending time in the company of God is the solution. We find the “best” in worship, in study, in fellowship, in ministry, in mission. We keep the company of God when instead of trying to divide folks we bring them together in the name of God.

Let’s make Tuesday truly SUPER, let’s spend some time with God.


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